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Magic at Geldeston
Games night

We need to increase attendance in the new year and we are looking for your suggestions.
We have 44 likes on here and yet we are lucky if we get 6 people attend.
We offer a wider range of single cards than many specialist shops, we sell boosters, we have a large, bright room in a friendly inn which serves great ale and meals, we play Standard, Modern and Commander.
We have run booster drafts and round-robin style Modern and Standard tournaments yet we seem to get even fewer people come along for those!
When I was first starting out playing Magic again a few years ago I would have loved to have had a club like this nearby.
If there is anything that we are missing or that you would like us to do then your suggestions are encouraged!
Thanks guys, cheers for everyone who has attended this year. This isn’t meant as a complaint, as we have really enjoyed this year but we want to grow our community.

Gather your Magic